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From the Editor: Opt-in to Public Education

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by Lisa Ellison Guardian editor I grew up in a rural eastern North Carolina county and attended a public elementary school a few miles from my house. Looking back, I recall the students as mostly white and working class. And while there must have been a substantial community of migrant workers’ kids, schools have ways […]

Letter from the Editor: City Council Chooses Social Responsibility

Letter from the Editor: City Council Chooses Social Responsibility

by Lisa Ellison Guardian editor Thanks to a close vote last month, Greenville has the opportunity to become a leader in social responsibility. During their annual joint meeting with the Greenville Utilities Commission (GUC) on April 20, city councilors Rose Glover, Kandie Smith, Marion Blackburn and Mayor Allen Thomas, who broke the tie, voted to […]

Ready to Listen: REAL Crisis Intervention

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This is the first in a series profiling organizations doing good work in the community. by Alana Baker Guardian contributor Despair, grief, anger, depression, fear—these are things most people feel at some point or another in life. Many of us have resources, places and people to help us through hard times. Some people, however, have […]

“Open Your Mouth …

“Open Your Mouth …

by Lisa Ellison Editor … judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy.” (Proverbs 31:9) Last month we posted a short article about a documentary called, ““Misunderstood: The Voice Behind the Cardboard,”created by four students in the Master of Social Work program at East Carolina University. With a goal of raising awareness of panhandlers in […]

Greenville’s Food Desert? No Más en Rio del Norte!   

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Tropicana Supermarket Opens Near Airport By Sydney Moseley Rio del Norte Correspondent Most Greenvillians seldom deign to venture into the hinterlands north of its three Tar River bridges, except maybe to visit a county office, fly to Charlotte or play Frisbee golf. After the Riverwalk Riot of 2014, one might be surprised to hear that […]

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