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Regional Transportation in Eastern NC, a Historical Look

Artist’s concept of Tar River Lock and Dam as proposed by Beverhout Thompson, Watercolor by Bob Pittman

By Vince Bellis Before the Civil War, Tarboro was the commercial hub of the central coastal plain. The Tarboro newspaper, The Southerner, a nearly complete microfilm set of which can be found at ECU’s Joyner Library, served the region. Articles selected from the pages of The Southerner reveal much about transportation in antebellum North Carolina. […]

And the Beat Goes On…

And the Beat Goes On…

CATALYSTS: how personal initiative energizes our community, Installment 2 by Linda Leighty  Many young musicians play in their high school bands and derive value and enjoyment from playing their instruments. Very few aspire to future occupations as professional musicians. We probably all know someone who has kept a high school band instrument with the intention […]

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