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A Park for the People

A Park for the People

Help shape improvements to the Town Common, Greenville’s hallmark public space, which will define our city for years to come. This “Central Park” belongs to the people–not private investors. Let’s keep it that way. Imagine: A large “Central Park” of our own, with inviting paths, environmentally distinctive areas – woods, grasslands, waterfront – and playgrounds. […]

Moscow on the Tar

Photo by Vince Bellis.

By Vince Bellis and Lisa Ellison Scroll down for new information. On January 14, Vince Bellis noticed something on a walk along the Town Common promenade: a golden heart-shaped lock with names inscribed. Bellis informed the Guardian, “this is a marriage custom currently in vogue in Russia. Newlyweds pledge their everlasting love by locking a […]

Council Blocks Town Common Presentation

credit: City of Greenville

by Lisa Ellison The Thursday, Jan. 16 city council meeting started out looking a lot like the Jan. 13 meeting: Forced, cheerful, buddy-buddy, punch-on-the-shoulder kinds of interactions from the mayor to councilors with a string of unanimous votes. After breezing through appointments to citizen boards and commissions (one of note was District 3 representative Marion […]

Op-Ed: Biologist Questions River Study

Photo: Lucas Berrini, 2008 (Flickr)

by Vince Bellis It would be unfortunate if the Tar River study moves forward in the absence of an attempt to first solicit advice from local sources at East Carolina University. ECU offers expertise in planning, business, wetland ecology, tourism and related areas by professionals familiar with eastern North Carolina. Advice from these sources should […]

River Study Progresses

Photo: City of Greenville Recreation and Parks

by Lisa Ellison Last June, city council approved a $200,000 study of what sorts of development would be appropriate along the Tar River, to include a design for such development. Earmarked for the 2014 fiscal year, which began July 1, 2013, the study is about to get under way. A five-member committee drawn from the […]

Disillusioned by Council Politics

Disillusioned by Council Politics

I would like to register some displeasure about two recent decisions by the city council to, in essence, ignore two very good suggestions on the part of council member Calvin Mercer.    The first was a vote against his request to reduce and re-appropriate funds for a so-called “river study.” Council will spend $200,000 on […]

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