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Can “Transparency” Go Too Far?

"So it's up to me?"

By Lisa Ellison Editor On December 11, Greenville city council heard an audit report. The auditors declared the town “unmodified” — that is, Greenville’s in good shape. The city finds itself sitting on some cash that’s not really needed for anything. $2.8 million, to be exact. When left with a bundle of undesignated money like this, […]

Transparency, 1; Shady Back Room Deals, ???

Pay no attention to the...

by Lisa Wilbourne A “victory for advocates of transparency” is what Councilor Calvin Mercer celebrated in his widely distributed newsletter this morning. The cause for celebration? A decision to record and (eventually) broadcast last night’s workshop. (The exact source of that decision is unclear, but we’re on the case.) On the heels of much public […]

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